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Last week I posted this look to show how much MAKEUP HAS POWER to change someone face. I didn’t particularly like the result of it, but This look has been my most popular look on INSTAGRAM EVER, gaining more than 1000 Likes.  Click HERE to see that.

People in general wear MAKEUP for different reasons. I personally started wearing full makeup about 6 months ago, and i wear make up because i love it, I am not trying to hide anything in particular on my Face.

I am already very confident without makeup, but Makeup kind of give us this extra confidence  when we go out to the world.

 It helps to avoid some other people judgement on our face, e.g. Blemishes, break out, etc…  

But i would love to know the reason WHY YOU LOVE MAKEUP? WHY DO U WEAR MAKEUP? or WHY DO U WISH TO WEAR MAKEUP?

Please write down in the comment section your thoughts, I would be happy to know it as well.



As you can see on the picture. My face is darker than the rest of my body. Hence, I have been struggling a lot to found the right foundation shade to match my skin tone. So up till today i am still trying different brands, Hopefully i will eventually find my shade without having to mix colours. 

I also do have oily skin and few breakouts on my Face due to a Makeup products. Once i get a clean, breakout free face, I will share my skincare routine.



Thank you for reading my thought on MAKEUP.

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