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How are you doing? Thank you for always staying connected to my blog. Today i am bringing you something unusual: BROWS SHAPE, THICKENING, HOW TO CHOOSE THE BROWS SHAPE THAT SUIT US.

I hope you find this post instructive and educative about brows, I hope you learn enough so that next before judging someone Brows or saying you do not like them, you know how to do yours.




One thing we may not be aware is that we are all born with our VERY OWN brows shape and thickness, which means that we all have different type of brows in their thickness, thinness, etc.

Each of us is unique with their eye brows, some do have them Full and nicely shaped naturally, while other do not have them at all or just a little. That is why we use MAKEUP to help give some life back to our brows. 



2. Brows Shape.

As you can see on the picture, the brows shape i usually go for is the HARD ANGLED one. All i do is that i follow how my own brows is shaped naturally and fill in with a pencil or Pomade, to see how i do that, check this  link HERE.

Other brows shapes are:

  • S-Shaped
  • Soft Angled
  • Straight
  • Rounded 

It is also worth mentioning that, some people choose to completely shaved their natural brows, and to draw them according to their liking, This is Fine and as i said, THERE IS NOT A STANDARD WAY TO DO BROWS, just do what make you HAPPY when you see yourself on the mirror.



PS: These drawings are not originally mine, that is why you can see the owner still watermark on it.


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